Since 2008, Erik’s main client has been the prestigious Swedish morning newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. It has been published since 1884, has a circulation of 160 000 print copies and reaches approximately one million readers daily.

Erik also continuously works for TT News Agency, the Scandinavian equivalent of the AP or Reuters, syndicated in more than one hundred newspapers and other media outlets throughout Sweden, Finland and Norway with a combined circulation of more than 5 million copies per day.

Erik has also worked for SVT/Swedish Television – Scandinavia’s biggest broadcasting public service company; as an editor/co-producer, researcher and reporter for the documentary series The TV Factory / Bornebusch i Tevefabriken, and as a reporter for Kobra – Sweden’s premier arts and culture feature show – and the SVT documentary “Blip Blop: Game Music from Super Mario to Symphonic Orchestra”. He has also contributed to national Swedish radio channel P3, as a commentator – as well as for Swedish podcasts.