The TV Factory / Bornebusch i Tevefabriken (Swedish title) is a documentary series from SVT/Swedish Television – the biggest broadcasting public service company in Scandinavia – that digs into the new golden age of TV-shows. It is hosted by Swedish actress Josephine Bornebusch (from Solsidan, Welcome to Sweden).

I worked as a producer/editor, reporter and researcher on the show

Trailer for SVT:s The TV Factory/Tevefabriken

Trailer #2 for SVT:s The TV Factory/Tevefabriken

It consists of six episodes à 30 minutes, each focusing on a different genre; drama, costume, crime, comedy, horror and soap. The viewer gets a passionate ”behind the scenes”-perspective into the world where today’s most popular and influential TV-shows are being made. All presented in a light but insightful manner, to give both TV buffs and casual viewers an in-depth look at today’s new golden age of TV-shows.

The viewer is invited to the sets, locations and production of TV-shows such as Orange Is The New Black, The Walking Dead, Six Feet Under, Homeland, Downton Abbey, Midsomer Murders andBron/The Bridge, and gets to see interviews with stars of the shows, as well as with people behind the camera, like producers, directors, writers, makeup and costume – plus interviews with TV icons from shows of the past.

The show premiered on March 16, 2016 and can be watched free online through SVT Play.

Trailer for SVT:s The TV Factory/Tevefabriken